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Phil-Good Products
3500 West Reno
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73107
Phone: 405-942-5527
Fax: 405-942-8002

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a customer already, we invite you to discover how our unique combination of fast turnaround, high quality production, and excellent customer service can solve your injection molding needs. Our experienced engineers can assist with product design, mold design, material selection, secondary operations, quality assurance, packaging, and shipping. With molding capabilities ranging from 30 to 550 tons, Phil-Good can accommodate a wide variety of part designs and complexities.

If you would like to inquire about a specific product you are outsourcing for molding or simply get to know who we are, feel free to contact us anytime at philgood@philgood.com

Phil-Good Products, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been providing full service injection molding to a diverse range of clients since 1959. If you are not